Dinosaurs May Be Technically Extinct, But It’s Important That They Are Still Alive In Pop Culture

Whatever your personal opinions on dinosaurs may be, you’ll have to agree that dinosaurs are insanely popular. After all, what other extinct group of animals can boast to be the star of a multi-million dollar franchise where they can overshadow Hollywood legends like Jeff Goldblum and Chris Pratt.

This fascination with dinosaurs might have begun from Jurassic Park, but it’s been around since the 19th century. Jurassic Park was just the first introduction to the awesomeness of dinosaurs to a whole generation of people. It’s not just kids who suddenly wanted to be paleontologists, it was adults who picked up an interest in fossils too. This might or might not have been in part due to the names of the dinosaurs that made you sound more knowledgeable just because you pronounce it correctly.

With Jurassic World 2 releasing this summer, it’s time for dinosaurs to be popular once again. Hollywood may not gear towards scientific accuracy in general, but if gets someone curious about science - it’s an added bonus. At a time when the interest in science among people is at a low, a movie like this is important.

Even though we’ve been studying them for quite a while now, dinosaurs are still an active research topic. It was just discovered that dinosaurs shed skin and we have dandruff in common with them. Not only do we don’t know the exact reason why they went extinct, but we also don’t know how dinosaurs came to exist in the first place. There might still be many more species of dinosaurs to be discovered, and many more inaccuracies about what we know about them to correct.

We already know the films are going to continue being a favorite, and dinosaur researches are going to keep being funded in part because of this. There’s more to the Jurassic period than the movies, but we might eventually reach a point that Jurassic Park would be shot as a documentary instead of a science-fiction film. And if that day comes, we’ll already have a guide on how to not make it all go wrong thanks to Spielberg.