Learn About The Spinosaurus

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You may have seen that dinosaur while browsing some cool dinosaur images.

Spinosaurus (also known as "spine lizard") is one of the biggest ancient predators in history. It is one of the three biggest Theropods of all time. With its size, it defeats the size of one of the most most popular dinosaur, T-rex. They live in Northern Africa (especially in Egypt and Morocco).

The Spinosaurus skeleton was first discovered by a German paleontologist named Ernst Stromer in 1912 in Egypt. And according to the skeleton. The size of the Spinosaurus skeleton is estimated to have a size of about 16 to 18 meters. Currently, there are two species of Spinosaurus, which are Spinosaurus aegyptiacus from Egypt and Spinosaurus marocconus from Morocco

In addition to having a super large size, Spinosaurus body is quite unique. Spinosaurus has a body shape similar to 3 animals, a snout similar to a crocodile, two small legs like T-Rex, and a foot that has a membrane used for swimming like a duck.

And of course, the most unique part is the sail. This sail is located on the back which is the spine of Spinosaurus. The spine is coated with a very hard skin and beneath it is a blood vessel. If fully expanded, the height can reach 1.8 to 2 meters.

The sail has several functions such as as a swimming aid, as the main attraction to the opposite sex in the breeding season, to frighten the enemy or predators if expanded, and the presence of blood vessels in it also serves as a regulator for body temperature.

Spinosaurus is the only land dinosaur that can live long in the water. They lived and survived by eating fish and carcasses.

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