The Must-Have Dinosaur Jewelry Items For The Lovers of All Things Jurassic

Dinosaurs have captivated our imagination for almost as long as we’ve known about them. And how could they not? It is fascinating to know that millions of years ago there were creatures, that were so much more magnificent than what we could ever imagine, roaming the same earth that we inhabit right now. And now, we can even can show our love for dinosaurs wherever we go with some dinosaur jewelry.

Whether you’re simply obsessed with dinosaurs or just mildly admire them, there are many cool dinosaur jewelry pieces that you can add to your wardrobe right away that will give your look just the right tinge of Jurassic. Not only are these dinosaur jewelry items great for keeps, these also make great presents. You don’t have to scratch your head for some dinosaur gift ideas, because these make simply rawrsome dinosaur gifts. These aren’t just for women either, most of these jewelry items can be worn by anyone!

Here are five types of dinosaur jewelry that you can add to your jewelry box.

#1. Dinosaur Rings

One of the simplest jewelries to wear without much thought are rings. You can find dinosaur rings for sale that make dinosaurs the focus of their design like our Gentle Giant Dinosaur Ring. While others are just dinosaur bone rings with dino inspired designs, and if this is what you’re looking for, you have to get The Silence of Bones Ring.

#2. Dinosaur Bracelets

Bracelets have always been embraced by fashionistas, and you can embrace your inner dino-lover with a dinosaur themed bracelet. You can go boho with a dinosaur bead bracelet such as our Dinosaur Skull Bracelet or go gothic with a black dinosaur bracelet like our Draco Dragon Bracelet.

#3. Dinosaur Earrings

With earrings, you can add a pop of color to your outfit with some cute dinosaur earrings like our Jurassic Joy Earrings or go classy with silver dinosaur earrings. One of the most popular styles are reptile bite earrings, which look exactly what they sound like - a large reptile chomping on your ear. If a pair of cute reptiles biting earrings is what you need, try our crocodile stud earrings.

#4. Dinosaur Necklaces

A good pendant is what makes a necklace, and it’s important to pick one that’s exactly right for your style when you pick out a dinosaur necklace. Have a look that’s fancy while still hardcore? Go with a dinosaur fossil necklace, like our Straight Outta Jurassic: Raptor necklace. More into streetwear styles? This Punk T-Rex necklace will make you look Jurra-sick. There are many other dinosaur designs necklaces, so you’ll easily find the one that suits you.

#5. Dinosaur Brooch Pins

Brooch pins can give your outfit that little extra ‘zing’ that can make your whole look come together. You can add a colorful dinosaur themed brooch when you’re wearing neutral colors so your outfit doesn’t look too drab. With some cute dinosaur brooch pins like our Stylish Brooch Dinosaurs, you’ll make an effortless style statement.

Now that you know how, nobody can trycera-stop you from looking extra fabulous, Jurassic-style with some dino themed jewelry.