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Why Necklaces?

From the earliest stages of human development, people felt like they could use the frontal part of their body as a support for art. This art came in the shape of necklaces. At first humans used different durable materials such as shells, teeth, or bone, but soon they started using semi-precious rocks and other rare materials, making a necklaces something you needed to work hard to build. Others started using sculpted wood, twisted metals or different kinds of man-made objects as an ornament for the necklace. With time, these will become common and diversify into pendants, lockets, amulets, crosses, and precious and semi-precious materials such as diamond, pearls, rubies, emeralds, garnets, and sapphires.

In some cultures, such as Ancient Rome, necklaces were not so popular and even frowned upon (as women had a fixed amount of gold they were allowed to wear) but in the medieval period and especially following Renaissance, the necklaces suffered a resurgence. The creation of new metal smithing techniques, new diamond cutting technology and new materials brought from the Americas. Necklaces became one of the most important accessory, being carefully chosen to complement the attire of the wearer.

We found a solution for complementing anything, and it’s not even something new, but very very old, from the times before necklaces even existed. Our ancestors were a bit late and didn’t find any dinosaur bones to make into necklaces, but we’re using the best materials to make sure you get to wear the best kind of dinosaur necklaces that ever existed. No worries, fossils were not harmed, we only have top notch metal and precious stones, along with modern synthetics, all used to produce the jewelry that will change your look in seconds.

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