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Tyrannosaurus rex

By far the most famous dinosaur in all of history, the tyrannosaurus rex was an immensely powerful killing machine that surely struck fear into the hearts of nearly every other creature that existed during the time it was alive. Tyrannosaurus rex ranged from fifteen to twenty feet tall and could weigh close to thirty-thousand pounds, or ten tons. The name Tyrannosaurus rex comes from both Latin and Greek and it directly translates to " king of the tyrant lizards:" "tyranno" means tyrant in Greek, "saurus" is Greek for lizard, and "rex" is the Latin word for king. It was named back in the year 1905 by the then-president of the American Museum of Natural History, Henry Fairfield Osborn. Tyrannosaurus rex belongs to the dinosaur family called Tyrannosauroidea, which is characterized by carnivorous tendencies, short arms, and hands with two fingers on them. The fossils of the t-rex are found in western North America as well, with archaeological discoveries of them ranging from Texas to Canada. The arms of the t-rex were incredibly short when compared to the rest of its body, which means they were most likely vestigial structures: leftover evolutionary attributes that remained from a previous ancestor but are no longer of any use. However, the T Rex didn't need flexible and useful arms, since its bite was so powerful that anything it needed to carry could easily be done with its mouth. It had very strong neck and head muscles to support its massive jaw, which also meant it had less space for developed arm muscles. The dinosaur's bite could exert up to 12,814 pounds of force, which is the strongest bite force of any land animal that has ever lived. The teeth in its mouth were long and serrated like a saw, which were optimal for tearing through the flesh of the many animals they ate. Tyrannosaurus rex ate only meat, meaning that it was carnivorous. This infamous predator obtained food through scavenging and hunting, rather than waiting for animals to die and feasting on their carcasses. The dinosaur grew very fast as a juvenile ans reached its full size at a very young age. Tyrannosaurus rex ate hundreds of pounds of meat every time it feasted, and it is believed to have eaten herbivorous dinosaurs primarily, such as triceratops. Compared to many other dinosaurs, tyrannosaurus rex is a recent specimen. It existed in the late Mesozoic era, around 65 million to 67 million years ago. Although t-rex is only known to have lived in North America, it is also possible that the dinosaur emigrated from Asia initially. Bones of dinosaurs very similar to the t-rex have been found in both Mongolia and China. The tyrannosaurus rex is truly the perfect predator, which is just one of a long list of reasons why it is such an incredibly popular dinosaur.

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